The Health Education Outreach Program is looking for new teachers!

Who is HEOP?

We are a group of students and professionals from the Bethesda community. Our mission is to cultivate an understanding and informative relationship with the homeless populations in Montgomery County through group lessons about common health concerns. Our topics include: Diabetes, Health Literacy, Nutrition, Mental Health, Oral Health, Communicable Diseases, COPD, and Family Planning.

What would I be doing as a volunteer?

Volunteers will lead, along with other members of their shelter group, lessons on the above health topics and work as health coaches for individual residents. As a health coach you will work in smaller groups with the residents to better provide attention to resident’s individual health concerns. You and your shelter group will teach at the same shelter for the entire series of classes. You will also have the opportunity to work in a variety of areas that will help the organization have a greater impact on the lives of the homeless population such as fundraising and teaching cooking classes.

What is the time commitment?

A teacher must be able to attend seven of the ten total lessons, which are every two weeks for five months. Lessons will begin in October/November and finish during the spring. Teachers must also be able to attend their shelter group’s meetings during the off weeks to prepare for each lesson. The monthly time commitment is not that significant, but you must be able to maintain that commitment for at least five months.

Where would I be teaching?

The program teaches at men’s, women’s, and family shelters in Montgomery County. If selected to be a teacher you will be given a chance to pick the shelter you prefer. Please reference “Our Shelters” for more information regarding each shelter.

Do I need to attend training?

Yes, we will send out invitations to teacher trainings once the selections have been made.

This is an amazing opportunity to work with underserved populations in your area! If you’re interested in becoming a teacher, please fill out the application below. Please email us if you have any questions.

Applications are NOW OPEN for the 2017-2018 cycle (see below). Applications are due September 1st! If you have any questions about the program, please email heop.shelterleaders@gmail.com.

HEOP Application 2017-2018